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The ViewPoint™ Retail System is a comprehensive solution for collecting data on shopper  travel patterns, dwell time, most frequently visited categories and brands in Supermarkets, Wholesale Clubs, Mass Merchandisers and Malls.

The ViewPoint™ Dynamic Merchandising Application provides the opportunity to do  targeted Merchandising based on who the shopper is, what the shopper is buying or  where the shopper is located in the store.

The ViewPoint™ web-based Retail System provides meticulous data on shopper travel  patterns to within an unprecedented level of every 2 feet, which is then incorporated into  customized reports.

The finite detail provided in these reports reveals specifics with regard to:

• Shopper Dwell Time
• Effective Product Positioning
• New Product Evaluation
• Traffic in Specific Departments
• Marketing Efficiency
• Quality of Dwell Times
• Understanding of High and Low Traffic Aisles
• Sales Trends
• Competitive Movement
• Effectiveness of Kiosk Placement
• Optimizing "traffic flow" to Significantly Increase Sales

This data gives our clients the opportunity to capitalize on natural traffic patterns or create  new patterns within the store. The end result leads to improved sales and increased  sellable space value.

ViewPoint™ is the only company that offers a turnkey, cost-effective method of providing  this kind of impact on the retail industry.